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Written and illustrated by Amaya Uscola

Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-84-609-9445-9
Publisher: Blur
Publication date: 01/04/2006
Pages: 64
Product dimensions: 11.5 cm(w) x 16 cm (h)

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«Un corazón, una chica. El corazón vuela, la chica sufre. Una historia
cotidiana que no por conocida deja de conmover. Un libro para los buenos
y malos momentos sentimentales que rebosa imaginación, sentido del
humor, amor y lágrimas escrito e ilustrado con un personal y
sorprendente estilo por Amaya Uscola.» – Alvaro Sobrino

Back in 2006, working as a copywriter at an advertising agency, I wrote and illustrated this love story in my spare times, and it ended up being my first artist book.
For some reason this story came out my guts into English language, the one I use to express my feelings. The publisher, Alvaro Sobrino from Blur Ediciones and Visual, was also very open minded not asking me for a single change in the book.
Everything led to the distribution company Actar picking up my published little art book to show it at the best Museums and bookshops around the world. Yeah. So I was so lucky to see my book in the shops of great places such as Museo Reina Sofia (Madrid), Tate Modern (London), Chicago Arts Museum (Chicago), Centre Pompidou (Paris), Caixa Forum (Madrid) or
This book was also the spark for the publisher to decide beginning a new collection of many other lovely little books made by advertising creatives, in collaboration with Club de Creativos de España.
And such were the best awards my pride could ever get, and also a proof that exercising your creativity by working on those personal projects in which you believe, can really take you to very big places. Which rocks.




Un libro nacido de un proyecto artístico que ha durado nueve meses. Unas
memorias salidas de una cabeza llena de peces. Y con bastante mala
memoria. La historia de un día a día como el de cualquiera, donde igual
se piensa en el amor que en cambiar la batería del coche. O en si pasar
tiempo en Facebook es o no es confortable. Un libro para entretenerse y,
también, para aprender pequeñas cosas sobre una mínima parte de las
aproximadamente 30.000 especies de peces que existen. Un libro publicado
con muchas ganas y cariño, para quienes nunca olvidan la belleza que
existe en el mar.

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Written, illustrated and designed by Amaya Uscola

Languages: Spanish and English
ISBN-13: ‎ 978-8460698166

Publisher: Blur Ediciones, S.L.
Publication date: 09/09/2015
Pages: 84
Product dimensions: 115mm(w) x 160mm(h) x 0.26(d) 200 gr


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«Hambre de Mariposas» (Uxplanet 2017) is my third artist book after
«Memorias de Pez» (Uxplanet 2015) and The Flying Heart (Blur 2006).  Second in a collection of 5 planned books of art vignettes mixing up humour and real facts on animals species (fish, butterflies, dogs, birds and cats).  Presented in Cervantes y Cia, Madrid, in Spring 2017, this book is about looking for butterflies on your stomach by having relationships through love apps.


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ISBN-13: 9788461794102

Product Details

Written, illustrated and designed by Amaya Uscola

Language: Spanish
ISBN-13: ‎ 978-8460698166

Published under Uxplanet Books
Publication date: 19/03/2017
Pages: 84
Product dimensions: 115mm(w) x 160mm(h) x 0.26(d) 200 gr


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Amor de perro has been born of a fundraising project for Dogs Rescuing. All the portraits were done in exchange of donations to APA Lucha Animal. Dogs depicted are a mix of dogs in a home (the ones in inks and acrylics) and dogs who need a home (the ones depicted with photo-arts).

While fish talekd about routines and butterflies about romantic relationships, his time dogs talk about love and abandonment, sometimes being funny, sometimes not so much.

 Third in a collection after «Hambre de Mariposas» (Uxplanet 2017) and
«Memorias de Pez» (Uxplanet 2015)

Indie selfpublishing under Uxplanet Books  May 2022

Product Details

Written, illustrated and designed by Amaya Uscola

Language: Spanish

Pages: 167
Product dimensions: 115mm(w) x 160mm(h)


In the shape of an eye-catching graphic letter, the singular fishbow-headed character Peixe writes this visually disruptive memoir. A child who, suffering a loss he cańt possibly understand, embraces loneliness to surf the modern-life-tsunamis. At the same time, he navigates his inner sea where pain seem to be forever stuck, making his fish looking brain change with them . A story of self-examination, awareness and memory reshaping, where Peixe and the mermaid Maldiva show imagination and the power of will as the best tools to overcome fear when oblivion seems not possible. Because enduring our emotional memories might be just one more proof of the beauty of existence.This book took 6 years to be complete, and it is part of the artistic project World of Pez®, about memory and the sea.


Product Details

Written, illustrated and designed by Amaya Uscola

Language: English 
ISBN-13: 9788409109807
Published under Uxplanet Books
Publication date: 04/16/2019
Series: World of Pez
Pages: 102
Product dimensions: 6.14(w) x 9.21(h) x 0.26(d)


LIFE IS POO Children books

Life is Poo is an entertaining educative dog training collection for kids with age from 3 put to 8 years old, created and illustrated by Amayetta.

• The main characters guiding the course are the puppy Brucci and his poo friend Chipú, who live stories from which kids will naturally learn better than by studying.

• The collection is aimed to engage, inspire and educate kids
about the importance of training and loving their dogs.

Some titles already in the project:
Brucci conoce a Chipú

Brucci y Chipú en PARQUE DIEM

Brucci y Chipú en EL PATO PATAPALO


 Looking for publisher

Language: Spanish/ English
Pages of each book: 34



PIJAMA PARTY Manual para creativos freelance

A humour blog I wrote for Club de Creativos de España about working in Spain as a freelance advertising creative 2015.

Writing and Editorial Design: Amayetta

Language: Spanish
Publisher: Ñ SHOTS Magazine
Publication date:  2005
Pages: 12




We created and edited the book as a collective of 265 lovers of culture, leaded by Álvaro Sobrino.

Illustration for the Poem «San Rafael»

Language: Spanish
ISBN-13: 978-84-939233-3-4
Publisher:  1000 Coeditores/ Blur
Publication date: 2017
Pages: 400

15,30 x 21,30


UXPLANET Street art/ photography project

Special insert publication in Ñ SHOTS magazine

Character design and photographs for the project UXPLANET. Amaya Uscola

Language: Spanish
Publisher: Ñ SHOTS Magazine
Publication date:  2005
Pages: 12



Life and dreams of people who wants to change their world.

Fanzine. 100 copies

Writen, illustrated and published in London 2002.
Pages: 40

LOS DIOSES DEL MARKETING SON HUMANOS: 30 formas de trabajar en marketing.

Written by Victor Molero

Illustrated by Amaya Uscola

Language: Spanish
ISBN-13: 8473561333
Publisher: Editorial ESIC
Publication date: 1996
Pages: 261


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