To observe and imagine

I mostly draw from observation or imagination directly on paper with pilot felt tips, then scan and color digitally. Sometimes I use color pencils, pastels, charcoal or inks. Sometimes I also take photos and use them as a reference. And, yes, I also look up books and the Internet.

No matter how, nothing beats the pleasure of reading the World lines just by drawing them.

Artist Books

The collection Uxplanet Books has already 2 titles published independently, with 3 more in the making. Expect art vignettes with animals speaking

Girl power

One of my fav themes for drawing from imagination is female, like the future 🙂 I like drawing my own fashion designs and I am very addicted to depict voluptuous bodies dancing.

Drawing is writing.

And vice versa. Lines are in the essence for both. That is why I integrate words in my visual art, and visual metaphors in my creative writing!

Having children inside

I never had a real kid, yet I still feel like one at 52. And my inner child applies a vivid imagination to fairy storytelling.

If you are curious, here´s more about my editorial studio

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